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Product Code: BM07

Price: $4
Volume: 1-2待续

Author: 讶凪亮
Publisher: 创艺 (Singapore)
Condition: The sides are yellow due to age, but otherwise in good condition
Extra: A colour picture on 1st page of all 2 books

Description: 七贵俊辅在遭遇一场突如其来的车祸之后, 某一天他身上不可思议的能力突然觉醒过来. 这时, 一个未曾谋面的少年?, 出现在拥有神奇力量而不自知的七贵面前, 告诉他已经是个超能力者, 并且劝他最好加入超常现象对策组织 "LOCK" 机构??