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纯爱 S + M

Product Code: GM115

Price: $6
Volume: 1-2 待续

Author: 栖本亚梦
Publisher: 长鸿 (Taiwan)
Condition: The sides are yellow due to age, but otherwise in good condition
Important: Intimacy sexual scenes (Not for readers under the age of 18)

Description: 小凉是个身材超级枪眼的大波霸,所以众人的目光总是在她的胸部上。一回,小凉在回家的途中被变态突袭,幸好被一位帅哥雅贵所救,後来她才发现,她的救命恩人也是她的新家教!不过雅贵的个性却超级怪异,总是让小凉摸不透,结果,小凉才发现到一个让她吐血的事实是